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The following are the terms and conditions for use of the CabFare services. You, as account holders and users (including trial users) are subject to these terms and conditions, the CabFare Privacy Statement, disclaimers and notices (collectively known as "Terms of Use") issued by CabFare Pty Ltd ACN 153 751 038. Use of or access to the CabFare web site or client access portal services, constitutes agreement to these terms of use.

Changes to or Termination of Accounts

CabFare may change the Terms Of Use at anytime by giving notice to the account holder. Continued use of the CabFare account will amount to acceptance of these changes. CabFare may terminate any account if it believes any of these Terms Of Use have been breached, or to protect CabFare property. Monies outstanding by the account holder will still be payable to CabFare.

Users Responsibilities

Account holder information may be accessed in accordance with the CabFare Privacy Principles. Use of the CabFare web site and client access portal services is the account holder's responsibility and totally at the account holder's own risk. CabFare (including its employees and contractors) will not be liable for any loss or damage caused to the account holder, user or anyone else as a result of using the CabFare client access portal service. This includes but is not limited to loss or damage caused by loss or delay of information content or any loss caused by the negligence of CabFare, its employees or contractors. Account holders and users will be totally responsible for costs incurred from the use of their account, including costs incurred by others entrusted with the account holder's username and password. Therefore account holders and users must accept responsibility for all aspects of their CabFare client access portal account, including the actions of all persons in possession of the account holders username and password. The account holder or user indemnifies CabFare from all costs, liabilities, suits, actions or claims arising or in any other way connected with CabFare from the account holder's or user's use of their CabFare client access portal account, or any other person using the account holder's username and password. The account holder and/or user agrees not to interfere with the operation of the CabFare systems. CabFare maintains the right to inspect all information content and take appropriate action if required. The account holder and/or user agrees that all the contents of the CabFare client access portal service, including web-sites, pages, logos, hardware and promotional materials are protected by copyrights and trademarks and remain the property of CabFare and may not be copied for any reason.

Prices of Services and Commissions

Prices of CabFare services are subject to change. All prices displayed for products and services offered to be supplied on are subject to change without notice. CabFare may receive fees and/or commissions from third parties for goods and services of such third parties displayed or provided on the CabFare web site. You acknowledge and consent to us receiving the fees.

Goods and Services Tax

If GST is imposed on any supply made by us through, you must pay to us, in addition to any consideration payable or to be provided by you for this supply, an additional amount for the supply calculated by multiplying the prevailing GST rate by the consideration for the relevant supply payable or to be provided (without any deduction or set off) by you under any other clause in these Terms of Use. Any amount payable by you is payable on demand by us, whether such demand is made by an invoice or otherwise.


The account holder and/or user agrees to indemnify and not hold responsible CabFare Pty Ltd, its directors, employees, contractors or subsidiaries for any claim howsoever arising, including legal fees, from the use of the client access portal service. CabFare does not warrant that this service will be error-free or uninterrupted. CabFare's liability for negligence or breach of contract with regard to the CabFare services is limited, to the maximum extent permitted by law, to the re-supply of the services. This agreement is governed by the law in force in the State of Victoria and Australia.


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Social Media Community Guidelines

National Billing Group Pty Ltd trading as CabFare (CabFare) provides opportunities through this website and various social media channels to listen, inform and engage with the community on issues relating to the Taxi and Limousine Industries and the Card Payment Industry.

CabFare currently uses the following social media channels:

These channels are actively monitored and updated by CabFare during normal business hours (9am to 5pm) between Monday and Friday. CabFare may change the format of social media engagement at any point, including by content, (partially or in its entirety) and by removing any or all social media platforms from public view.

We welcome your participation via our social media channels. However, to ensure they are used constructively and for the good of the community, we ask that you follow the guidelines below when contributing to any of our social media channels.

Be courteous
  • Do not abuse, harass or threaten others.
  • Do not make racist, defamatory or libellous comments.
  • Do not make personal comments towards or about any other contributor.
  • Be mindful of the terminology you may use and how others may perceive your comments.
Be responsible
  • Do protect your personal privacy by not including your personal information.
  • Do represent your own views and not impersonate or falsely represent any other person.
  • Do not post material that infringes the intellectual property rights of others.
  • Do not comment on the personal information of other person.
Be relevant
  • Do post material to the forum that is relevant to the issues being discussed.
  • Do not promote commercial interests in your posts.
  • Do not intentionally use information in an attempt to mislead other contributors.
  • Do not use any of CabFare’s social media platforms to cross promote events, businesses or any other entities.
We reserve the right to:
  • guide discussions based on CabFare’s needs and to delete or remove from public view any posts that are 'off-topic' or detract from discussions directly at hand.
  • delete or remove from view content that does not comply with these guidelines, or that we judge, in our sole discretion, to be obscene, offensive, or rude.
  • block posts from people or other entities that violate these guidelines.
However, we do not edit posts.

Only CabFare’s Managing Director and General Manager Strategy and Regulation are authorised to speak on behalf of CabFare and other contributions are not endorsed by CabFare. Posts from CabFare’s avatar are by CabFare staff.

We reserve the right to change these guidelines at any time.