The First Taxi App for Unbooked Taxi Trips

The CabFare App automatically comes alive and checks-in when a passenger enters a taxi. Passengers don't need to do anything, no PIN or QR code to connect.

CabFare App is powered by Parousya Technologies

CabFare App is powered by
Parousya Technologies

Add Parousy's Automatic Check-In System (ACIS) SDK to your taxi booking app.

How It Works

  • 1

    Get in a Taxi

    Flag a taxi or pick one up at a taxi stand

  • 2

    Receive a Notification

    Automatic Check-in notification upon entry

  • 3

    Trip Details

    Receive driver and trip details to feel safe and to share with others

  • 4

    Pay Securely

    Never reveal your identity, pay securely with your digital wallet

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Automatically connect to the taxi and get your driver and trip details on your iPhone or Android phone.


Remain anonymous, never create an account.


No credit card details necessary, securely pay with your smartphone; Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal or Venmo.

Accept All Major Cards